Former Ford site



Oxalis worked with Mountpark to bring forward this redundant brownfield site which formerly housed the Ford Transit Van production facility in Southampton.  The site is in a mixed-use area, with numerous residential neighbours.


The site was brought forward in two phases, via two separate consecutive planning applications.  Oxalis lead the pre-application dialogue process with Southampton City Council, and coordinated the preparation and submission of the planning application, as well as local public consultation and engagement with local stakeholders, and negotiation regarding the S106 package.  Following approval at Committee for Phase 1 in December 2016, Oxalis worked with the client and the architects to discharge planning conditions, and also made separate applications for amendments to meet the specific needs of individual occupiers.  Phase 2 was approved in December 2017.

Permission was also secured (via a 3rd application) for Inchcape Group on land to the west of Wide Lane.


This key employment site is now complete and operational, with several units occupied.



Oxalis Planning - Toll Bar House, Landmere Lane, Edwalton, Nottingham, NG12 4DG